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Bloggercon and Podcasting

December 3, 2005

As it is now such a focus of discussion, here are my recollections of Bloggercon 2003 and Podcasting.

On the first day, when we were all in the same room, I was sitting there webcasting live, and Adam Curry was in the row behind.

During one of the breaks, I introduced myself and mentioned that I knew he was interested in Audioblogging (as we called it then), and showed him the Python script I’d written to automatically download mp3 enclosures to iTunes. His reaction was that this was cool, and that I should show it off in the Audioblogging session the next day, which I duly did, thanks to Harold Gilchrist making time for me.
You can see me downloading a song into iTunes from the ‘syncpod’ feed that Adam created for testing iTunes sync after talking to me.

Download my Audioblogging speech here.
Download iPod version of my Audioblogging speech here.

It is a basic human trait to confabulate a narrative for ourselves that puts us in a good light, and it is hard to remember clearly events that happened a couple of years ago, but blogging lets us play the game of Massively Multiplayer Online Truth, as David Weinberger puts it, by preserving contemporary thoughts and notes, which should eventually lead to a more coherent neutral narrative.

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